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Some brilliant motto from Benedict.

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i’ll take my chance with aliens before i mess w/ whatever is at the bottom of the ocean

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140710 Donghae twitter updates:
@donghae861015: Wowowowowowowow !! ELF !!! Love yayayayayayya http://instagram.com/p/qQvuHQl8LJ/

@donghae861015: People who caught fish*!! I am touched !! You guys are the reason why I am live ^^ You guys are the reason why I smile !! I love you !! :) http://instagram.com/p/qQ81xNl8Eo/
*) Donghae made a typo on SJ Fisherman’s name (Donghae’s fansite XD)

@donghae861015: Greatness of ELF!! DH Coffee !!

@donghae861015: Happy Birthday to Heenim !! I’ve known hyung for 13 years, but I still want to know m o r e about hyung!! I’ve been at your side for 13 years, but I want to be by your side for much much much longer ! I love you ! Now, come back to your senses!! Become a normal person again http://instagram.com/p/qRCOC1l8I2/

Heechul's comment on Donghae's IG: Then I have to leave SuJu. You bastard, out of our members, who exactly is sane? There are members that aren't fully insane, but there's no one that is sane. There are members that are not fully crazy, but no one that's not crazy.
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Shindong’s ‘Rockstar’ solo in which Heechul loses his shit*

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David. Don’t quit.

David. Never quit.

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Sticky with Khan’ for dex5m & hiddle-me-silly

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do you ever have to backspace a reply because


our friendship level is not ready for that